Thursday, January 17, 2013

New | Year
My go-to pump up the jam.  Honestly, try not to shake your butt. You can't. Like, I can see you now and your butt is slightly shaking.
I'm kind of super excited about 2013, are you?

I know, I know. We're already a few weeks into it. But I sort of never posted on New Year's Day like I meant to....ANYWAYS...
2012 definitely had highlights--our awesome new house, my awesome new job, adopting our awesome dog--but some lows too. Dreams that didn't quite work out the way we planned, the end of once thought forever friendships, a stressful summer, and general laziness. I'm excited for a new year of possibilities and new adventures. I know some people get all eye roll-y at the mention of resolutions but I've always liked making them...keeping them has been a bit of a challenge. One of my favorite things about celebrating New Year's Eve is reflecting on the year past but, more importantly, setting my goals for the upcoming year.
My resolutions for this year? Well, they're pretty simple. I want to be my best self. How cheeseball did that sound? Like, did you barf in your mouth a little bit? I did. I'm serious though, I want to get my rear in gear and just generally be better. I'd like to be better about being healthy, saving money, and enjoying my life everyday. I want to let old friendships go, let them live beyond me.

I want to be good, just for the sake of being good.

Did you make any resolutions?