Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bird's Nest Cupcakes.

Happy Easter!
Even if it was Sunday...I'm a bit late but thought I'd share what I (literally) brought to the table for Easter Sunday: Cupcakes! Shocking as I co-own Bite. Cupcakes and am addicted to making a sugary mess in my kitchen once a week. Can I say one of the best parts of any holiday is the food? Holy deliciousness, Batman.
I don't like to make the same cupcakes for the same people twice (unless requested). Last year I did a deconstructed Cabury Crème Egg with homemade filling and a Peep 'cake that was filled with melted Peep chicks. This year I steered clear of the seasonal candy aisle in favor of something a bit more Spring-y.
I had come across salted caramel "bird's nest" cookies on Pinterest and new they'd make a great cake topper. I kept the actual cake simple (chocolate cake with green-colored vanilla frosting) to keep the focus on the cookie--they were a hit! I loved the way they turned out and they were so simple to make.
What treats do you bring to family holidays?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Home Tour: The Office

Happy Monday, ya hottie! Also Happy April Fool's Day!  I don't have any tricks for you but Rhyno will be victim...errr...recipient to some choice pranks. Maybe rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer, maybe a couple rounds of ding-dong-ditch, maybe we do that kind of stuff to each other all the time so this is just another fun Monday.
Anywho, the beginning of our home tour! I've held off on sharing "before and after" photos because there isn't a room that I feel is quite an "after" just yet. I'm always adding bits and pieces to each room but my office is a good place to start.
Excuse that it looks like a nursery...it was one. I pulled this from our original online listing so this is from before we owned it.
My office also acts as my make up room/walk in closet. I have a movable wardrobe that holds my pants, dresses, and nicer skirts. I love the functionality, as I'm more inclined to wear things I can see in plain sight, and I love having all those prints out in the open.

I actually made these paper poms for our housewarming in September but they were too cute to discard. As far as paint the room went from a tired yellow (walls AND ceiling!) to a light pink with a bright white ceiling. I love how light and airy the space is now.

Little desk accessories are everything. That candle smells like cotton candy and is basically heaven.

Bulletin boards that hold some headbands (I have a total headband addiction) and necklaces.

Disregard my ugg-boots IKEA chair, I'm looking to replace it. Also having a vanity is amazing if you are a product addict like myself.

I work from home part of the week so, though also a closet, I needed the space to be conducive to work. I think I've hit a perfect balance of functionality, creativity, and straight up fun times. My desk is playful but there's still room to work.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. So many shoes.

A small corner--which needs a new method of organization. Cameras, glitter, tripods, jewelry boxes, embroidery floss. Yeah...this was the best I could do for now.
What are your tips for a perfect home office?