Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Gold glitter-dusted poms that were perfect for ringing in a new year. 

Pre-baby and pregnancy New Year's Eve was always an obvious party night filled with drinks and staying up until 5am. This year with a pregnant belly and house full of sicklings I ushered in 2016 alone on the couch in front of 30 Rock reruns with a tall glass of sparkling grape juice. Know what? After being bummed all day that we no longer had big plans and bummed again when both of my guys went to bed before 10pm, I kind of loved having a bit of alone time and being able to reflect on the last year. Lately I can't help but realize how lucky I am to have the life that I do and be surrounded by the people that I am.
2015 was a year of adventures and learning. We took our first vacation in years and I worked a ton (which is a GREAT thing when you're a freelancer!) and we really settled in to being parents and my baby turned one and we found out that we had another baby on the way and I had some crazy exciting opportunities present themselves and I feel like I really grew as a person. The year wasn't without its share of storm clouds but overall I look back on a really sunny, wonderful 365 days.

Even in a year where the world was in turmoil and the national news was overwhelmingly negative, I feel lucky to be in this place in life and as fortunate as I am. Here's to more of that grateful feeling in 2016...and to a few other things, too.
My resolutions for 2016:

1.) Put more effort into: positive personal relationships, blogging, being eco-friendly, saving the monies, myself. 

2.) Make time for fun and adventures (see you next month, New York City!)

3.) But cut myself a break. Life with a newborn is really hard sometimes (probably way harder with a toddler thrown in too) and it's cool if my house is messy every now and then. It's okay to have a glass of wine in the bath tub and watch Bravo marathons when someone offers to watch the youngins' too.

Also, I'm now contributing to one of my favorite blogs which is super exciting! You can see my mom-centric resolutions over at Stable Mable on Chicago Now here.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy new year!  Do you have any big resolutions for the year?

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