Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gender | Reveal

One of the very best parts of co-owning Bite. Cupcakes (aside from testing new flavors and being constantly covered in sugar) is getting to be a part of some really special events in people's lives. We've supplied 'cakes for a 90th birthday party, showers, holiday, and--one of the most special--a baby gender reveal.
My coworker and her husband, the always lovely and hilarious Mary and Joe, are expecting a little bundle in January 2013 and asked us to create some special cupcakes to reveal Baby Adduci's gender to each of their coworkers. This was EXTRA special since I work with Mary and was also being surprised by the colored cupcake center (thanks to my cupcake partner in crime Katie for making the cream filling and keeping it a top secret while I baked the cakes, mixed frosting, and rolled fondant question marks!).
The order:
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting and filled with a secret
Poundcake with chocolate buttercream frosting, also filled with a secret
So...are you wondering what color was waiting for us in the middle of the 'cake?
Sorry for the somewhat shotty photo quality, this was taken with my phone.
It's a boy!
A million congrats to Mary and Joe! I can't wait to meet little Max in January!

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