Thursday, November 15, 2012

Love | Lucy

I've been kind of a lucky duck with all the time I've been spending downtown lately! Over the weekend my parents, Rhyno, and I went to Chicago to see I Love Lucy Live. If you know me you know Lucille Ball is my everything. Since I was a toddler I Love Lucy has been my comfort object. I was beyond excited to see this live show.

Champagne cocktails called Spanish Roses (I am vain and will order anything with Rose in the name)...also ignore my busted gray nails. I do my manicures on Sunday night and by Saturday they are a bit raggedy.

Before the show we went to the Grand Lux Cafe to grab a bite (or based on their giant portions MANY bites) to eat. I had never been and had heard rave reviews from almost everyone I've ever met. The food didn't disappoint, our server was a dreamboat, and we had the absolute best view of Michigan Avenue from our booth.

We split a salad (seriously HUGE portions) and bread...except for Rhyno who plowed through a giant plate of caramel chicken in about ten seconds. Why so light on lunch? Because I hear the REAL reason you go to Grand Lux is for the amazing desserts.

Fresh beignets with three sauces--chocolate, Jack Daniels, and strawberry.

Blueberry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream.

Honestly. SO GOOD. We left stuffed and happy to have a bit of a walk to the theater to exercise a few calories off.

The view inside the theater before I was yelled at by the staff for taking photos.

The premise of the show is pretty neat. It is set at the Desilu playhouse and you are watching them film two real I Love Lucy episodes. As someone who knows they were born in the wrong decade and a total TV addict (no shame here) this was such a cool experience. It was like being a real audience member in the golden ages of television. So many funny moments and the costumes were a dream. My only negative take-away? Um, well....the actress playing Lucy was terrible (admittedly I'm a harsh critic). Lucille Ball was charming and pretty and funny without being cartoonish. This actress was a bit of a hambone and overacting is an understatment. The Ricky, Fred, and Ethel more than made up for it. The intimate theater and delicious costumes helped too.

Oh Lucy, I love you. 

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  1. SERA! I LOVE LUCY. No really, I LOVE this show. I grew up watching it all the time. She's my idol.

    And I love you for loving I Love Lucy!


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