Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cotton Clouds.

I've been housesitting for my parents this week while they are in New Orleans eating delicious food and drinking voodoo drinks. It's just me and our family pit-bull-who-is-more-like-a-cat, Shiloh, in the middle of nowhere (which makes for awesome late night OH MY GOSH WHAT WAS THAT NOISE freak outs). Despite my quiet 11pm terror my parents' house is one of my favorite places, I didn't grow up there but it definitely feels like home. My dad designed the house and pretty much built the whole thing. They live on a lot of land and it's just very serene and beautiful.
 If I hadn't deleted my old posts I would do that cute thing where I link to an old entry of photos from their house. But, some blonde dummy deleted those so....maybe I'll repost them again in the future.'s move on...
While driving to my parents' house from work last night I really took a minute to enjoy how gorgeous it is to take the scenic route sometimes (instead of taking the interstate, I dinged up my car on the gravel roads). I pulled over on a country road to snap some photos of cotton* clouds cause they were just too dang pretty to pass up.

*I was really torn between calling them cotton clouds and calling them marshmallow fluff clouds. Ugh, life is full of tough choices. You know?

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