Friday, April 11, 2014


Our little entryway table is my favorite--filled with photos, cute kitschy things, and the most delicious smelling candle ever.

I am currently...
....eating clementines all day long! The sunnier days and warmer temperatures have made me want to break free from heavy soups and have me craving light, crisp fruit. I love Cuties so much and eat at least three a day.
...making a big, fat list of what needs to be cleaned for Spring cleaning this year inside the house and out. I plan to start tackling the indoors while Rhyno picks up old leaves, cutting grass, and prepping our garden for a fruitful (literally...and veggieful) summer!
...listening to all the Fall Out Boy in preparation for their July concert in Chicago! I'm so excited to see them and their latest album, Save Rock and Roll, is one of my very favorites. I could dance around to it for hours.
...reading through the Oh She Glows cookbook finding new recipes to try. Everything looks so good that it's hard to find just one recipe to make at a time!
...watching The Mindy Project! Rhyno and I have been catching up on episodes we missed. Dang, I love that Mindy so.
...loving 100 Happy Days! I can't say it enough, it just makes me feel good every day to take a break from the social media complaints and enjoy small things in life.
  Have a fantastic weekend!
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