Monday, April 21, 2014

A Very Happy Announcement.

I am so, so, so beyond excited and happy to announce Rhyno and I are having a baby this October!

I'm officially in my second trimester today and I feel amazing (I've actually lost 8 pounds during my pregnancy because the baby loves fruit and can't have booze). I am honestly loving being pregnant and I am so excited for the adventure ahead--ever the impatient person I have already said numerous times that I can't wait for October. I want to see what the baby will look like, I want time to speed up so I can hold him or her, OH...and I can't wait to find out if the baby is a him or a her. We aren't finding out the gender until the big day!

After years of waiting, wishing, hoping, trudging through disappointment and pity parties (not to mention a scary E.R. visit last month) I am over the moon to welcome Babysaurus Guffey this fall (due an exact week after my birthday!). We found out around five weeks and after many more weeks of barfing and keeping a big, fat, precious secret we announced the news to family in person and later via social media on Easter. I could cry looking at all the beautiful congratulatory comments and texts and feeling the big hugs after Easter dinner yesterday. 

Happy Monday, indeed!

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You look so pretty today.