Friday, October 17, 2014


Oh, Violet, those back wrinkles for dayz...
....eating whatever I want! I am definitely enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy eating. Milkshakes and spinach smoothies and sliced avocado and peanut M&Ms. Man, I am going to miss eating for two.

...making holiday plans! I'm already making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations around our house. We opted out of decorating for Halloween like we usually do since the babe is due in just over a week and will most likely be coming home when it's time to take everything down (which is my job...I can't imagine wanting to do that after giving birth...).

...listening to Murder By Death. I bought Rhyno the full vinyl collection for his birthday last month and we have been enjoying spinning those records in our bedroom at all hours of the day. Love, love, love.

...reading  This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. I totally meant to read this over summer before seeing the movie but wound up working backwards. Rhyno and I went on a little morning date a few weekends ago and decided to see a movie. I thought it was pretty good and we immediately went to the bookstore afterward to pick this bad boy up. It's super different than the movie but I'm loving it so far (I'm a little over halfway through). I definitely recommend it so far.

...watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Fun fact, I had never seen a whole episode before last week (I know, I know). After the series was released on Netflix I finally decided to give it a chance and wound up really enjoying it. After finishing Desperate Housewives earlier this month I'm almost caught up on prime time TV from 2008!

...loving organization at work, at home, in everything. I spent the last two months getting every corner of my life organized and it feels so wonderful to have everything in order.
 ...looking forward to meeting baby cakes any day now (of course)!
Have a great weekend!
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