Monday, October 20, 2014

The Last One.

It's my 29th birthday!

The last birthday of my twenties, the last birthday before I become a mom. This is kind of a big day. 

I'm a "birthday person" by nature. I am that friend who will text and connect via ever social medium to wish you happy birthday and I'll send you a funny picture of my dog wearing a birthday hat. I set my alarm on Rhyno's birthday a half hour earlier than his to make him breakfast and be downstairs to greet him when he wakes up. I will bake you a cake that is four tiers high and in your favorite color and shape. Birthdays are a big deal. This one feels like the biggest deal to me.

I've never been someone to worry about getting old. As friends of mine hit their 25th birthday and started short "quarter-life crises," my 25th birthday was amazing (to be fair I got married 3 days after and then went to Disney World for a week so the last thing on my mind was being an old bag of bones). Now on the day that officially begins the last year of my twenties I feel....happy. I feel calm about getting older, getting (hopefully) wiser, and starting a brand new chapter in my life. No, everything isn't totally figured out for me like I thought it would be at this age and I still question a lot of my decisions but today I feel calm with ending 28 and beginning 29.

My first baby is due exactly one week from today and this last birthday of mine is surreal. As I was eating birthday cake at 4am (yes, you read that correctly, move on) I kept thinking about how this little, sugary tradition of mine might be different next year. Maybe I'll be tired from being up with the baby or maybe my body clock with change and it'll be the first year in forever that I don't automatically wake up super early on my birthday because I'm excited.

A few people have asked me if  this year is bittersweet for me since it's the last year of my birthday as the baby of my family and next year's birthday will start with a 3 instead of a 2. Truthfully? I'm excited. Sure, my life has some wrinkles in it but isn't that what this last year of my twenties is for? I've made a resolution to make a (small, undaunting) bucket list of things I'd like to accomplish before October 20, 2015. Number one on that list? I suppose it would be having a baby, any day now.

Happy birthday to me and goodbye 28. I'm ready to celebrate this last year of my twenties and begin the newest chapter of my life, baby and all. :)

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