Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pin-Spirational: Cold Remedies.

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The Reason: A couple of weeks ago I woke up one day sick as a dog. Not being in the place to self medicate with Mucinex and DayQuil like I usually do (a terrible habit which I'm trying to ween myself off of) I decided to hit Pinterest for some natural recipes for wellness.
The Process:

Gather your supplies.

You'll need apple cider vinegar, a lemon, and some honey (I have two because Rhyno wasn't sure what the difference was). 

Mix up the concoction in a mug and microwave it. After I heated it up, I added a bit of room temperature water to dilute things a bit. This was STRONG. I drank this twice a day before using my Neti Pot and I did notice that things, um, cleared up and drained out afterward.
The Verdict:Undecided. I want to stress that I actually love apple cider vinegar AND I drink warm lemon juice every morning but the taste of this? Woof. Bad. I guzzled it through a straw to avoid damaging my enamel. I did notice a bit of a difference but I was also using a neti pot and sleeping a lot of drinking copious amounts of tea so I'm not sure what it was exactly that made me feel better. It did take me about 6 days to regain health so don't expect any miracles.

Have you tried any great pins lately?

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