Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beach House Dreams.

Summertime is almost officially hear and, much like everyone else, I am dreaming of the beach. Specifically, I am dreaming of a beach house. 

Rhyno and I have long wanted to rent a tiny beach house for a long weekend. I have this idea that we'll bring Violet and barbecue outside every night and spend entire days at the beach. Back in January we were softly planning a trip and looking around at rentals, though now it looks like we'll be (happily!) postponing a getaway to save money in order to create a bomb ass nursery full of amazing decor. 

So maybe next summer we'll get that beach house, with Babysaurus in tow! For this summer we've made a pact to dedicate some days to the local (lake) beaches near us--I'm so ready for sun and swimming and so much watermelon it'll make you barf a little. 

Of course a day at the beach also means that I'll need to do even more maternity shopping (as you may have read) but this time...bathing suits. Funny enough, I've had less of a hard time finding bathing suits that fit since they don't need to be snug around my big, ol' hips (thanks for those, by the way, Great Grandma Borgia!).

 I've found a few cuties that I just hope fit my ever-growing bubbies, belly, and tush...


 Though not white...never white...

Hey, as long as my boobs are getting fat too may as well show them off!

Now to just find a big sun hat, sandals for my soon-to-be-swollen feet, and a cute cover up!

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