Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pinspirational: Potato Pancakes.

It's Thursday and that means another installment of my Pin-spirational: Pinterest Challenge!

Do you like how I jumped back into blogging after many weeks off without acting like I ever left?

This week's pin? Potato Pancakes.

When I make mashed potatoes, I typically leave the skin on and I did that this time too. I steamed 'em, mixed them with almond milk (do NOT use vanilla), and mashed the shit out of them. I strayed from the original recipe a little bit but not much. 

After mashing the taters I mixed them with whole wheat flour, an egg, grated cheese, and green onions. P.S. I freaking hate grating cheese. Bo-rang. After stirring everything up, I made my balls and smashed them into pancakes. 

It looks like there's bacon in these but, GROSS, no. It's just potato skin.

All finished up! I paired our potato pancakes with steamed green beans (with vegan butter!) and fresh strawberries. After ONE cake I was so full I couldn't eat the other two (maybe it had something to do with inhaling the green beans and strawberries at a rapid pace...pregnancy cravings? FRUITS AND VEGGIES ALL THE TIME).

The verdict: I would definitely try this one again (but I would try not to forgot the Greek yogurt)! Rhyno and I agreed it was a filling dinner. Since I'm trying to stay away from dairy and eggs (darn you, conscience) I'd probably change the recipe even more using dairy-free cheese and an egg replacement (I've ordered Ener-G Egg Replacer but haven't received it yet, ever tried it?)

Tried any good pins lately?

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