Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My New Motto.

A couple of week's ago while, of course, perusing Pinterest I came across my newest and most favorite motto for my life. 

Sometimes pregnancy hormones are a blast because they make you feel bummed about little things and you get moody when you normally wouldn't. Late last week I came across someone I knew years ago that I used to secretly envy and saw that she is successful, living in the city with a great job skinny body and cute hair. Normally I would have paused for a moment of jealousy (it happens to all of us) and then forgotten about it. Oh, no, hormones wouldn't have that. I sulked about what she has that I don't and I wondered if I wasted my youth--did I make the most of my time in college? Should I have applied for better internships or chosen a different school altogether? Why didn't I lose weight all those years ago so I'd have felt confident enough to do the things that I should have?

They aren't kidding when they saying comparison is the thief of joy. After a couple days of bumming about this and being a light shade of green with envy, I pulled up the image above and made myself really take it in. Have I made mistakes? Duh. A lot of them. Have I missed certain opportunities? Probably. Is my life any less wonderful than someone else's? Not at all.

Wonderful things have already happened to me. Wonderful things are happening all the time. Wonderful things are in both the near and distant futures.

It's easy to catch a case of the Monday's on Sunday evenings--years ago it used to happen to me all the time. I am making a conscious effort to focus on the wonderful things that are about to happen, both big and small, instead of the nuisances. Let's focus on the roses blooming in the garden instead of the long conference call during the workday. There are little bits of magic all over the place and (hormones be damned!) I make an effort to find them.

P.S. Thank you for the outpouring support about my plus-sized pregnancy post. I've so appreciated the outreach, tweets, and texts!

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