Friday, June 6, 2014


One of my beloved rose bushes is finally starting to bloom! I caught this on Monday morning and knew good things were ahead. 

I am currently...

....eating all the fruits and veggies! Lots of bananas and broccoli and cherries and cauliflower. I'm trying to grow this baby as healthy as I can. I'm also eating some vanilla soft serve here and there and everywhere all the time.
...making nursery plans! We've been working on clearing our former guest/junk room out in order to make space for babe. Time to paint and get things lookin' cute!
...listening to Shwayze! I got this CD on a whim years ago and it is one of my absolute favorite summer albums.
...reading all the books! I finally made my way back to the library--it had been a few months! I tore through a few Tori Spelling books (don't hate, I love her...most of the time), Bob Newhart's autobiography, and my first Stephen King in a looong time. I'm waiting for Judy Greer's new book to be available as well as Gone Girl and She's Come Undone. Any other suggestions?
...watching 30 Days. I love Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me used to be one of like two free movies on Hulu and we didn't have cable so I saw it probably three dozen times). Whilst perusing Netflix I saw that he had a show a few years ago. I LOVE the concept and binge watched all three seasons over a few weeks.
...loving summer! Even though I'm not a huge fan of the heat I really love having windows open, fans whirling, ice cream cones, and the sun that doesn't disappear til around 9pm.Rhyno and I were LAZY last summer (it was a real bad year) so we've been making an active effort to get out on the weekends and actually do things. We went to the zoo, we've gone for long walks along the canal, and this weekend we're hoping to do some gardening and plant a berry patch (hopefully it isn't too late). We got an inflatable pool on clearance last Fall and I'll be damned if we aren't going to set that up too! This preggo wants to float.

...looking forward to our first "big" ultrasound this afternoon! I haven't seen the actual peanut since a trip to the ER in March and though I do love hearing that heart beat at my doctor's appointments I am so anxious to see my babe up close. It's going to be ROUGH not to find out the gender but we are holding strong! Also, I cry with excitement every single time I think about our appointment so I am sure there will be eye rivers a-flowin'.  I'm sure you've noticed a theme here--I am ridiculously excited to be pregnant (so if you hate babies, it's probably time for you to jump ship). On Monday night I was laying in bed with a book and felt the very first kicks! So, so amazing.
  Have a fantastic weekend!
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