Thursday, January 2, 2014

21 Days.

I've mentioned before (probably 12,874,953 times) that I adore Kris Carr. Her kind, wholesome recipes inspire me to eat better and do better. After reading her book, Crazy Sexy Diet twice in a row I feel totally inspired and motivated to make positive changes. I know I said before that I would never do another cleanse, but oh well. I'm doing another one.
As of Monday (to give me time to shop and prep) I'm going to give Kris Carr's 21 Day Adventure Cleanse a shot. In the past I haven't been great on cleanses but I feel much more positive because Kris Carr's cleanse involves more than eating--she focuses a lot on Neti pots, meditation, and exercise. The diet side of the cleanse is also real food--green juices, quinoa, Buddha bowls, and tons of produce.
I'll be updating ze blog with my progress throughout the three week process. I'm oddly excited to give caffeine-free, veganism a real try. My awesome mom also got me a gym membership for Christmas so I'll be including light exercise into the cleanse too. I've failed before but I feel much more positive this time around.
Are you on board with the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse?

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