Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marriage Stuff.

My handmade wedding bouquet.

Marriage is fun. Like, I mean it. My marriage is fun--we play harmless pranks on one another, spend a lot of time laughing, and are just real weirdos. I love my husband and do believe he is my match.

Please note that I don't pretend to have the perfect marriage. When Rhyno and I fight it can be insanity. He's stubborn, I have a bad temper. Last Saturday we went on a date night--we had a fun, goofy dinner at Mongolian Barbeque and then headed to Trader Joe's. While at TJ's Rhyno got cranky, this made me insanely mad, and we wound up fighting for about three hours. It became a fight about deeper issues--needing to make a better effort not to take things personally and being more considerate of one another. 2013 was a rough year for both of us and our marriage took a bit of a bruising. We've both decided to make a better effort.

We never had serious marital problems or anything, we never didn't want to be together, we never stopped having fun. It was just a lot of bickering or taking little kindnesses for granted. After a terrible year with a lot of lessons, we're learning. We're both remembering to say thank you to each other more often, to be patient when the other is cranky, to let the small stuff roll off our backs. We're a team and it's been nice to remind ourselves of that. 

What are your tips for a happy relationship?

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