Thursday, January 23, 2014

Currently (One Day Early).

A fantastic read if you haven't already dug into it.

I am currently...
....eating off the cleanse and feeling rad! I have been staying within 1,200 calories but allowing myself cooked and (some) processed foods (like Boca substitutes and canned soup). Feeling SO good!
...making the best of the weekends! Now that I am (happily) back to working five days a week, I am re-realizing how short and how special weekends are. I am spending this one with family and my hubba.
...listening to the Civil Wars on loop. I am so, so in love, particularly with Poison and Wine and The One That Got Away. The other day I listened to Poison and Wine like 22,248 times in a row. Even though they hate one another, I love them both equally.
...reading all the rag mag issues about Awards season. Dang, I love this time of year. I love the beautiful dresses and the glamor of it all.
...watching SO MUCH NASHVILLE. When it premiered a couple years back, Rhyno and I watched the first few episodes but then cancelled cable and sort of forgot about it. We randomly found it online last week and have since binge watched the whole first season and started the second. DANG, that first season finale gutted me. I was a puddle of tears. And oh, the music. So. Much. Great. Music. I am so obsessed and can't stop watching or listening or talking about it. I have been listening to Lennon and Maisy on YouTube non-stop (their cover of Ho Hey is unbelievable).
...loving the idea of getting Violet a playmate. We have been searching rescue organizations for a good fit and had a let down last week. We had our hearts set on a cutie boy in a kill shelter down south and found out he can't be around cats. We are looking for that perfect fit now.
 Happy Thursday!
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