Monday, January 13, 2014

Makin' It Rain.

Happy Monday, ya hot babes!

Warning: this post is a bit more serious than usual (despite my ridiculous photo choice).

 Space Kittens Hate Cancer

Last summer I wrote about my experience walking in the Avon 2 Day for Breast Cancer. It was challenging, rewarding, and began me on this road to whole health and being thankful for what I have.

Cancer is hard. Cancer is devastating. Cancer is not a death sentence.

Cancer has touched my life a handful of times--my grandpa battled it when I was a child, I lost a childhood friend to it far too young, my cousin was a tiny walking skeleton when she was 7, I lost one of my favorite women in the world to it almost ten years ago. In 2013 cancer--the raging bitch that she is--decided to hit my family again in a big way. When I found out that this disease had made yet another stop into my world, it was the single most devastating moment of my life. It gave me a new passion for fundraising and volunteering--specifically for charities that focus on all kinds cancer research. I am committed to raising beyond my minimum goal and walking every single step of the 2 Day in honor of those in my life that have battled.

I am currently raising funds for this year's walk that will take place at the end of May. If you'd like to donate to me and my team (and become my favorite person ever), please visit my fundraising page. I reward for donations because the support--both monetary and emotional--means a great deal to me. Last year's donor care packages included hot pink cookies, organic homemade pet treats, little toys and trinkets, homemade bunting, and more. This year I'll also be sending out thank you gifts because bribery sometimes works and also I like to send snail mail.

Don't feel like you have to donate your life's savings to help out. Even a donation of $5 helps a ton and earns you cookies.

Have a rad day and be good to yourself. :)

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  1. I'll definitely be donating again to you this year!! You are a warrior!!!


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