Friday, January 10, 2014


  Left: Some ChiBeria wind art in the snow on our back patio
Right: One of our side yards lookin' all beautiful and winterly wonderful
I am currently...
....eating a lot of soup and a lot of salad. Drinking a lot of juice and taking a lot of nutrition-boosters.  But, you know, I talked about that yesterday.
...making the somewhat long trek (40 minutes each way) to Trader Joe's this weekend! Dang, I miss living five minutes away from TJ's. I make the TJ Trek once every couple of months for my favorite staples (coconut oil, bread mixes, vitamins). I think I'm going to drag Rhyno along so we can call it a "date" and it'll seem more fun.
...on my To Do list finishing the final clean and purge in the house--the basement! This space is rough because we don't use it nearly as much as we should so we both tend to just shove any crap we don't want down there. I am going through all the closets and drawers to find the final bits of garbage or donations. Once the temps warm up a bit we'll tackle the garage and finally drop off all these boxes and bags of charity donations!
...listening to my old Pandora stations and it is such a trip. When I was a full-time office employee I had my stations down to a science, knowing when to change stations, which mixed well with which, how many skips I had left for the day, etc. Since then I haven't used it much but now that I am busier and working in my home office more I have been rocking that Florence + the Machine station mixed with Rilo Kiley all day, every day. Delicious.
...reading Crazy, Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr. Are you even surprised? Rhyno is, by no means, a vegetarian but I am planning to start incorporating a couple of completely vegan meals into our dinner rotation every week once I am done with the Adventure Cleanse.
...watching The Mindy Project re-runs over and over. I love that Mindy Kaling.
...loving how pulled together our house feels now! Honestly, I'm so glad I did the purge & a bit of redecorating (on the top two levels anyhow). My office feels much calmer when helps with my workday. I love our punched up front room. I love our new entryway. Our kitchen feels more organized. Crazy cleaning addict for the win.
...hoping for a less arctic weekend full of relaxing, fun, and productivity. What are you up to this weekend?
 Have a great weekend!
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