Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gains & Challenges.

Just checking in here!

It's the second week of the  Kris Carr 21 Day Adventure Cleanse. I planned to share my weigh in today buuuuuut I'm not weighing in yet. On Saturday being curious got the best of me and I jumped on the scale. I had gained. I had been feeling SO great and the second I saw a heavier number, I felt those negative feelings slinking back in. At dinner I allowed my self gluten-full pasta and later I had a glass of wine. I easily could have gone bananas with the emotional eating but I tried not to. I splurged but not so much that I wanted to crawl in a hole and be ashamed of myself.

So I won't be weighing in until Monday. In the spirit of breaking old, negative patterns I've decided to use this gain to fuel my desire for success instead of letting it drive me to a bag of processed donuts. I know that I could have gone to the gym more and pushed harder while there--I was doing the stationary bike & walking the track. I was sweating but not nearly as much as I could have.

My minimum goal is 10,000 steps a day (I usually hit it around 8pm). On Monday I hit the number above before 5pm.

On Sunday evening, still feeling a teeny bit sorry for myself, I wanted to have a glass of wine and eat pizza rolls. Instead I started prepping for a healthy Monday. I laid out my gym shoes & charged my iPod. I put on my workout clothes to sleep in and set my alarm for 5am. I decided I wouldn't allow myself to use the stationary bike since I don't push myself hard enough when I use it. 

I wound up waking up around 3:30am unable to fall asleep again. I got out of bed, did some work, & then hit the gym right when it opened. I loved being there so early! I found an incline elliptical and hopped on. 


I have been using the machine all week and am burning three times the calories I was before. I do the machine for 30-40 minutes and then ten laps on the track. I already feel like I have more energy and I feel less bloated. My goal this week is to hit the gym three times, next week four, and build up to six.

I am proud of myself for actually physically challenging myself. Usually I'd wuss out, I'm so happy that I've been putting the pedal to the metal and doing this...even if the scale isn't reflecting that quite yet.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You got this! So happy to hear that the little set back didn't SET YOU BACK! Focusing on the good is the fuel you need - we all need. :-)

  2. You're awesome! Keep up the fantastic work! Love you!


You look so pretty today.