Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Garden of (Sarah) Roses.

Oh, P.S., this title only makes sense if you know that my name is Sarah Rose...

Roses are, like, my favorite. I love rose-scented anything and since I was a kid I have always wanted a yard full of rosey blooms. Mostly just because my name is partially Rose...and also they are beautiful and classic and a little decadent (just like me...just kidding). 

Any who, Rhyno and I decided this year we will overhaul our yard--beautifying the weird parts and making it as profitable to our bods as possible (meaning we want lots of fruit and veggies all over the dang place). We have this little patch of rocks in our backyard underneath the over-hang of our house that just isn't conducive to produce but flowers seem to thrive there.. It currently houses three spaced out rose bushes and two random plants that I have no idea what they are or how to care for them (I so good at plantz). We have our vegetable garden in a brick box Rhyno built in the back of our yard and our herbs are housed in boxes on the patio but decorative flowers? All planned and planted by the former owners.

Since we moved in I have dreamed of putting in a rose garden complete with a tiny fence (mostly to keep plant-eater Violet out) and lots of dark mulch and luscious roses. We are SO fortunate to have a beautiful and spacious yard, I can't wait to see how it looks with my little Sarah Rose garden....oh, um...just rose garden.

The problem is that I kind of have a black thumb. At our old  condo, I loved planting herbs and blooms on our balcony every year. After unknowingly over-dosing on Miracle-Grow, all my plants died year after year. Since then, and since my awesome mom and grandma taught me how to properly care for my yard when I bought a house, I am revved up about making this plot o' Guffey land gorgeous.

Some enviable gardens I've found?

Do you have a green thumb?

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