Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weight Loss Woes.

I checked in a few weeks ago and was very happily down 15 pounds from January 1st. I SO looked forward to checking in again and was hoping to report I was down ten more or something. I'm not. I'm down 17 pounds since January 1st. So only two pounds down in the last 20 days or so.

Needless to say, I was shaking my fist at the scale and immediately thought about the glasses of wine I should have skipped and the days I couldn't get myself out of bed to hit the gym. That naggy bitch in my head told me to go eat crinkle cut french fries and cut up my gym card. Because, what's the point?

Here's the thing, and I've said it a million times, my body changes VERY slowly. I just have to keep that in mind. It's always been that way and even when I was on a crazy (unhealthy) super low calorie diet I wasn't dropping double digits every month. When I was in the best shape of my life and doing the Body for Life diet the weight came off slowly. When I weighed in yesterday I felt so disappointed. I can't compare myself to other people because this is MY journey and it'll happen as it happens.

The Silver Lining of It All

*I am still 17 pounds lighter than I was about a month and a half ago. Even if it's not 27 pounds, it's progress. Rhyno made a great point that even if I stayed on this trajectory--losing 17 pounds every six weeks--I'd be at my goal by Thanksgiving. It's all about perspective, I suppose!

*I'm learning lessons that, on my journey, will make me better. For example, last week was incredibly stressful for a host of reasons and I didn't sleep well. I noticed a huge difference in my will to eat well and my mood. I realized that even when I feel like I have to stay up late to get everything done, I need to remember that rest is important.

*Food, dude, food. Monday through Thursday of last week I was an accidental vegan. I didn't plan it at all but I have been making an active effort to cut down on dairy and since I'm already a vegetarian, it didn't take much to have four totally vegan days. Know what? I felt AMAZING. I am back to juicing in the morning, a big spinach & almond milk smoothie for lunch, fruit for snacks, and amazing plant-based dinners. Even on days I couldn't make it to the gym, I just felt great and my bod felt clean. Over the weekend I indulged in cheese and, boy, I felt the difference. I woke up bloated and just feeling gross.

*I need change because I think my body gets used to things pretty fast and that's why I plateau all. the. time. I am a creature of habit and have no problem eating the same things at the same times every single day (which is probably why I go crazy and then binge, right?). I've decided to lower my calorie intake from 1,300 a day to 1,200 and keep dairy intake very low. I'm going back to juice for breakfast every morning (instead of green juice, opting for this citrus beauty from Oh She Glows) and continuing to log every bite and work out on MyFitnessPal. I'm also, and this makes me nervous, planning to change things up at the gym too (I've been house-sitting so my schedule has been off but I go home tonight). I still love my elliptical but I plan to ramp up the intensity & duration. I've also made a vow to myself to try the rowing machine--I watch the Biggest Loser contestants do it and it looks amazing. I stare at the one in my gym everyday longingly but I'm too self-conscious to try it. This week, I row.

*This is motivation, not devastation. In the past I would let a weak weigh-in really bog me down. I'd find myself with a pop in hand and a pizza en route to my house because what's the point of trying when you don't see results? This time around I am not seeing this as a huge set-back, it's a chance for me to re-evaluate my efforts and fuels my drive to get a couple more pounds off in the next week with more intense cardio and extremely mindful eating.

How do you get through plateaus?


  1. ROW, BABY, ROW! It's an amazing machine and one not to fear. You will LOVE it.. I'm sure of it. Good Luck

  2. Per usual, I love this post! This month has totally been a game changer for me and like you said I feel amazing. The weight loss has been awesome but honestly I didn't do it for that. I really wanted to see if I could actually do something I said I was going to do. I'm pretty shocked that I actually did it. I never do it. And honestly, I'm nervous about adding regularly working out to it. I'm afraid I'll be hungry more often and get overwhelmed and eat a whole medium sausage pizza with a liter of Dr. Pepper and some chocolate for dessert and go right back into my old ways. So I hope that I can just remember how amazing this makes my body feel....because pizza is pretty awesome.

    AND 17 pounds is something like 2 pounds a week which is awesome. Consistent and awesome! And you haven't gained any of it back!

    My insecurities are holding me back from a kickboxing class. I want to do one so badly but I'm afraid of looking like the chubby uncoordinated girl that every feels bad for. So I'm going to baby steps my way there.

    Sorry for writing a book, I'm incapable of writing a few words.


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