Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Swimsuit Dreams.

HEY! Did you know that Chicagoland is still in the grips of Chi-beria? Yep, freezing temperatures and so much snow. It's a real dream. If you dream about freezing your buns off.

In high school to get from one class to another on my massive school campus before the bell rang I'd have to walk outside, even in winter in a school uniform skirt & polo t-shirt. The only way I could survive the walk (so dramatic, right?) was to envision the summer, like mentally feel the heat on my skin. I can still remember trudging through the snow in my mary janes thinking, "Warm beach, warm beach, warm beach."

Welp, the only way I can get my tired ass out of bed to get my freezing ass to the gym these days? To envision the beautiful swimsuit I am going to wear in the glorious sunshine this summer. On my list of weight loss rewards, a swimsuit is one of the highlights.  It is my goal to not only buy a new swimsuit this year but actually WEAR it in public. We also bought a large inflatable pool at the end of the 2013 summer season and I look forward to floating around for hours on end.

Some of my favorites that I am bookmarking for future purchase?

Beautiful but no purchase info available

Striped one piece, no purchase info available

Note: I bought a sailor-inspired suit from Fables by Barrie a few years ago and the quality is AMAZING! I would totally buy from the company again. I never realized the importance of a high-quality suit until I had one.

Any swimsuits you're pining over with snow still on the ground?

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