Friday, February 7, 2014


Our front room collage wall is FINALLY finished! Um, for now...
I am currently...
....eating so much egg salad! I know, it's such an old-man thing to eat but I have been loving up on egg salad (made with greek yogurt, mustard, green onion, and celery salt) over a bed of romaine lettuce and topped with chia seeds for lunch every work day. It's filling, quick, and I can make it ahead of time. Win, win, win.
...making Valentine's Day plans! Last year, we stayed home and made salmon & veggies (remember when I used to eat fish?). This year I told Rhyno he is in charge of the plans--we can stay in and eat tacos or go out to a fancy dinner. I am afraid of what he'll come up with....
...listening to When the Right One Comes Along from the Nashville soundtrack. I love Scarlett & Gunnar so much. This is their best song. I listen to it on repeat during my "cool down" at the gym and have to actively stop myself from singing along out loud.
...reading um, just magazines right now. I'm the worst. BUT. I am already pre-ordering One More Thing: Stories & Other Stories by B.J. Novak and  I Like You Just the Way I am by Jenny Mollen, two totally funny people that I just adore.
...watching all the Friday Night Lights (currently on season two). Once Rhyno and I caught up on Nashville (ohmygoshsogood) we needed a new show to watch together and my fierce, undying love of Connie Britton brought us to Friday Night Lights. We gave the pilot a test run and quickly found ourselves binge watching the first season. I love to Google spoilers and I have been actively fighting the urge to spoil the whole series for myself but as of right now I straight up love Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen.
...loving my dad. He's just the best and his love of Bruno Mars rivals my own (though no one's love of the Red Hot Chili Peppers rivals mine because Anthony Keidis can ALWAYS GET IT). During the (AMAZING) Superbowl halftime show we were texting one another about how we need to buy gold suit jackets and the conversation somehow evolved into my dad saying, "I need leg replacements." and I died laughing. I was also talking about John Stamos & yogurt and he said, "You lost me at Oinkos." I love him so much.
  Have a happy (and warm) weekend!
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