Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From Duo to Trio.

It's Tuesday (and, you know, just a regular day) so I better yammer on about my pregnancy, right? 

With just over a month to go (41 days!), Rhyno and I are getting more and more excited to welcome Babysaurus into the world and take him or her home from the hospital. I feel so ready to become a parent and I don't feel anxiety (so far) but I do realize this is a big life change. For 8+ years it has just been my Rhyno and I. We have been able to pick up and go whenever we wanted, to order pizza at 11pm because we forgot to eat dinner, and to skip grocery shopping for the week because going on an adventure to Six Flags seemed more fun. 

As I count down to our duo becoming a trio, I have been trying to relish the last few weeks of it just being the two of us. I've found some lists of things to do before baby is here and making my own small list of things to take advantage of or do before our bundle of joy is here.

1.) Sleep! 
Everyone and their mother has been telling me to get sleep now while it's still possible. Despite some pregnancy insomnia, I've been trying to take all that advice to heart. I have been crawling into bed a little earlier on weeknights, sleeping in a little later on weekends, and taking more naps than usual (I was NEVER a nap person before!). Even though finding a comfy sleeping position isn't quite as easy and sometimes I get up to pee at 3am completely wide awake for the rest of the day, I am soaking in sleeping.
2.) Date Nights (especially on weeknights)!
Rhyno and I love a good date night and since it has been just us for so long we usually go on a few dates a week. Though I plan to stick to at least monthly dates after baby is here we are just trying to take advantage of being able to head out for dinner and a movie on a weeknight without finding a babysitter.

3.) Doing Anything on a Whim!
 I know that babies are on a schedule and going out takes planning so for now we're taking advantage of just deciding to go to the movies while running errands or taking Violet for a long, long car ride.

4.) Maternity Photos!
Up until a couple of days ago I wasn't into the idea of maternity photos. I know I don't have a Pinterest-worthy bod and Rhyno isn't that into photos (especially artsy or sentimental ones...our engagement photoshoot was awkward and hilarious) but the more I think about it, I want to capture this little piece of time. I'll never have this moment again so I'd like to remember it.
5.) Lazy Days!
Babies require feedings and changes and come with responsibilities, so I've set aside a couple days to just be lazy. I've relished in a couple Sunday afternoons where I only moved from the couch to pee or get more snacks. I've been a-okay with spending hours rotting my brain with TV.

Any suggestions of other things we should do before baby arrives?

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