Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pin-Spirational: Taking Care of Swollen Feet.

This week is a lesson in "sometimes things don't go according to plan."
For this week's Pin-spirational I had planned to find some great pin on taking care of swollen pregnancy feet. I don't know why I didn't search this before but oh well, I didn't. After doing a bit of Pinterest I didn't find anything terribly helpful that wasn't common sense or some company pushing their pregnancy product on unwilling Pinners. 

The best pin I found? This. Again, mostly common sense. 

I tried the tips found in this pin before even deciding to search. I sleep on my side anyhow since a watermelon-sized bump doesn't make for stomach sleeping and sleeping flat on your back can restrict blood flow to baby. I limit salt (aside from cravings for salty potato chips) just for health's sake. I stay cool because OH MY GOSH I AM ALWAYS HOT. I swear, our air conditioner is constantly set at 74 degrees. Where are you Fall? Admittedly, I haven't tried compression hose. Maybe soon. Maybe not.

So, some tricks I've found useful that I should probably pin the shit out of on my own? Put your dang feet up, gurl! I try to seriously elevate my feet for at least 20 minutes at night (if not way longer). If you are super swollen? Dunk your feet in a bucket of cool water mixed with epsom salt. Use those terrible infomercial-sold Yoga Toes things. I bought them on a whim and they actually work pretty great. They stretch my toes out and I feel like they help a lot with blood flow.

So, there it is, the world's laziest Pin-Spirational!

Have you tried any great pins lately?

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