Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Monday.

I know Monday's get a bad rap but I have found that the older I get the less I dread them (maybe because I don't have a hangover from a weekend full of parties and junk food and more parties?). I'm actually headed up to the office today which means a long car ride of tunes and NPR plus I get to actually get dressed. Like, I'm wearing jeans. On a Monday. With real shoes. I get to talk to people's faces today. I am having meetings with real live people in front of me. Isn't it weird what you get excited about once you work from home for a long time?

Anywho, I've been thinking more about the energy we put out there. There are so many people who complain that it's "already Monday" or wah-wah that another work week is upon us. Sure, weekends are the best but why not make Monday a kick ass day just because? I know my jeans and real shoes and I will try to make the best of Monday for sure.

Have a happy Monday! I mean it.

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