Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pin-Spirational: Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.

The Reason: I have long, curly hair. I absolutely love my hair but without deep conditioning treatments it can get pretty dry, especially during pregnancy and in the summertime.
The Process: I apologize for not having photos for this one--it's hard to take photos of yourself with wet hands and in the bathroom!
Wash your hair and towel dry so it's still damp. 
Melt a bit of coconut oil in a bowl, I just used a few heaps since my hair is longer and I knew I'd need a bit more than called for.  

Section off hair and comb the oil through. After you've saturated every dang strand with the coconutty goodness, wrap your head in plastic wrap (warning: this will make you look incredibly sexy). 

I left my wrap on for about 20 minutes and then rinsed out with warmish water, finishing with a quick cold rinse (I heard once this is great for getting shiny hair). I let my strands air dry.

The Verdict:I'll definitely do this again, I've actually done it twice in the last two weeks. It's super easy, only uses things I already have on hand, and I can throw the coconut oil in my hair and get things done around the house while it soaks in. I definitely need a bit more oil for my hair since it's so thick and there's so much of it. I also suggest doing a salt scalp scrub or using a gritty shampoo before treatment--I used my Lush BIG shampoo beforehand and my hair felt AMAZING afterward! I noticed it was much shinier and after the shampoo, it felt MUCH lighter. A++. When you have good hair, you have a good day.

Have you tried any great pins lately?

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