Monday, March 3, 2014

Be Kind.

I've been thinking about this quote a lot lately with my own situations going on. A few days ago a journalist I was working with was really rude to me and I thought, "If you knew what I have going on, you wouldn't be such an a-hole." I hope not, at least.

This whole situation, of course, made me realize that I'm guilty of being a little bit of a beast when I'm in a cranky mood--maybe I'm short with a coworker or I don't engage in polite conversation with the grocery bagger or I rip my husband a new one for something petty. I try to make an effort to be kind to people in general but I recognize that I need to try harder. Since I'm most comfortable with Rhyno I feel like he really gets the brunt of my jerkiness (I feel like that's usually the case though) so I'm trying not to vent quite so passionately to him and remember that when someone is being a real bonehead they might have a lot going on.

Oh, hey, Happy March (a couple days late)!

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  1. I just pinned this exact print (which I'm totally going to buy) a few days ago! And I love (like usual) this post. Like you, I'm going through so much personal stuff behind the scenes and up until like a week ago, I had this constant urge to explain to everyone why I wasn't doing A,B, or C. but then my husband sternly (but a lovingly stern...) reminded me that I HAVE to stop caring about what others think of me and who cares what assume or say about me or the situation. Their opinions and thoughts don't change my life right now. And that led me to remember that every time someone is a total jerk to me (and I am SO fricken polite to everyone. Would it kill them to say thank you when I hold the door or give them my seat on the train?!), that they are probably going through a lot behind the scenes. I'm sure I'm unintentionally snapping at the wrong people or projecting my angst onto them.

    All this to say, I'm sending you positive vibes and healthy thoughts and I hope it gets better really now would be great.


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