Friday, March 7, 2014

Calm within the Chaos.

Because I'm a total creature of habit and consistency, I hate when I don't post 5 posts a week but dudes/dudettes I am choosing not to stuff the empty days with filler and just leave 'em empty. 

I know. I am the only one who cares about this. 

In an effort to keep calm in stressful times (and keep my blog clear of unneeded clutter because who cares if I don't write something for a couple days), I've been allowing myself a break from things that aren't totally necessary. I have a lot going on (yeah, vague, oh well) so sometimes the house can be a little dusty, the blog a little blank, or the dishwasher a little full. Usually I push myself to the brink of insanity by over-committing to things even when I have too much going on but let's break some patterns, shall we? I'm happy, I'm grateful, I'm willing to let go of certain things.

How do you keep calm in chaos?

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