Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Rhyno Files.

Last week my darling hubba had yet another surgery on his right arm (he hurt himself at work in 2012, had shoulder surgery in 2013, and now had surgery to correct all the problems he had from last year's operation SHEESH). 

Before: pre-op, post-drugs, feelin' fly

After a loooong wait to actually get on the table (hey, that wasn't nerve-shredding at all!), I'm happy to report Rhyno's surgery went off without a hitch! He took for-ev-er to wake up after and has been in quite a bit of pain but he seems to be recovering nicely. 
After: Post-op, more drugs, actin' weird

The thing about your husband and lovebug of nearly 8 years undergoing  routine shoulder surgery? You will imagine everything terrible ever while waiting to hear he's okay (thank gosh for WiFi so I could distract myself with work). 

Healing: R + his nurse/snuggle bunny

 Nurse Violet and I have been tending to our little bird and his broken wing even though he's a bit grumpy (pain will do that), very bored (still won't play Monopoly with me though HA-RUMPH), and can't move around much (he's not allowed to move his bicep, it's harder than you'd think). Bring on April, I'm ready to get the broken bird out of his sling!

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