Friday, March 14, 2014


 I love when my morning tea comes with a sweet message.

I am currently...
....eating honey crisp apples all day long! I saw them while grocery shopping and even though they were a bit more expensive, I couldn't resist. They are one of my very favorite foods and I'd eat them with every single meal if I could.
...making outfit choices for a trade show this weekend! I actually don't mind working trade shows and find that days typically fly by.
...listening to Robyn's Dancing on My Own. UGH, I love it so much. I played it on loop last year and have rediscovered it recently, much to Rhyno's chagrin. It is my favorite dance-around-the-kitchen-while-cooking-dinner jam.
...reading all the Susan J. Gilman books I can. Well, re-reading is the proper term. Gilman is one of my favorite writers and I LOVE everything she's written. During a stressful week I've been revisiting her last book Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven. Also, HI, her next book comes out in June. I am counting down the days. Her words make me so happy.
...watching everything on Netflix. We bough a TV early last year and just now learned it is capable of being connected to Hulu and Netflix. Duh doy. We finally watching Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and now I am sad it was cancelled. Only the good get cancelled young...
...loving dreams of Spring! I've been dusting off my sunglasses and dresses and ballet flats. I've been itching to open the windows in our house and my car (dang, I love fresh air). Also, give me all the fruit. Let's get to the season where I can hop to the farmer's market and load up on every fruit possible.
...wishing one of my very best friends and one of the most darling, rock n' roll, smart, hilarious women in the world a happy birthday! Happy birthday, Katie! I love your guts so much I could cry happy tears and barf happy barfs...even though you love math.
  Have a fantastic weekend!
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