Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sunny Love.

So this glorious thing happened the other day while I was driving: I found myself needing sunglasses.

The sun. I know. The sun is back.

I am a hoarder of shades. I have at least 35 pairs and can't bear to donate the ones that I don't like (maybe someday they'll look really great to me or something). Heart shaped, gold-rimmed, way farer...I love them all! At any time I have three pairs in my car, two in my purse, and a few strewn about the house. Getting dressed in warmer months means that I have to try on at least three pairs before finding the "one." 

Some sunglasses I'm lusting after for the upcoming sunny seasons?

ModCloth had a pair of gold-rimmed heart shaped sunnies a few years ago and I've since regretted not snatching them up immediately. The above pair aren't the exact shades but they'll do. 

 Also, do you shop at the amazing Hello Holiday? In browsing their accessories I found they do a Sunglasses of the Month Club. Um, hello lover!

What is your accessory "vice"?

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