Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pin-spirational Challenge.

I love Pinterest--I know you, me, and your mother's second cousin all love Pinning our brains out. Pinterest makes me feel like I'm capable of more, my house can always be cuter, my wardrobe more beautiful, and there is a ton of great food I haven't been eating. I've read that Pinterest can make you feel accomplished without actually doing anything, but I feel quite the opposite. It makes me want to do more and gets my creative wheels turning fast (plus the app makes for happy fun times no matter where I go).

Fun/sad story: I am such an obsessive clean freak that when I had the flu and was bed-ridden last year I went through all of my boards and cleared them of pins I no longer was interested in. I feel sad about myself right now...So anyway, I was perusing the old Pinterest the other day and realized it had been a while since I actually made/baked/wore/did any of these things, or even tried to. So my challenge was born!

I'm challenging myself to complete at least one pin a week from any of my boards--maybe I'll bake Nutter Butter pie or make funfetti candles or pull together a professional and colorful office outfit. 
It's just one pin a week and I'll blog about my attempt (even if it's a total failure). 

What do you say? Want to take part in my Pin-spirational Pinterest Challenge?

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