Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Kind of Sort of Vegan Life (don't hold me to that).

It's no secret that I am basically obsessed with animals and I am an aspiring, but too lazy, vegan wanna be. I'm a longtime vegetarian but still trying to transition to fully vegan living. I've realized that the 80% vegan is probably where I fall--it's easy for me to stay on track during the week but harder on weekends or when we go out. Real vegans, please don't hurt me.

Instead of jumping in with both feet and throwing away every animal product I have on hand, I've slowed the transition. I've started doing one totally vegan day a week and last year started phasing out animal-tested (ew) cleaning and beauty products in our house. That's still tricky since I'm still researching which companies are evil...um...I mean...which companies still undergo animal lab tests and which don't. 

Anyway, the book above (from the lovely Angela at Oh She Glows). One thing I've come across with some vegan products and cookbooks...the chemicals. Oh, chemical warfare up in my mouth! I want to eat animal-free AND clean so I pre-ordered the OSG cook book and have been drooling over the beautiful, delicious-looking, whole foods recipes. I'm planning to cook some up this week and report back. I've been on the hunt for products that aren't loaded with chemicals (things like Larabars and almond cheeses) because this bod is a temple and I have no business fuming up my temple.

What are your favorite whole foods cook books or products?

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