Friday, August 15, 2014


Happy Friday! This week felt like a marathon, is it just me? Maybe it's the third trimester talking but I have been totally exhausted all week and I'm looking forward to the weekend to get things done around the house and (hopefully, maybe, please please please) relax a bit. 

 Some shots from my 100 Happy Days: a big, ol lunch, my two favorite roomies, the cutest baby clothes, and evening frisbee with Violet.

Until that clock strikes 5pm and this glorious weekend hits, I am currently...

....eating all the things, all the time. I consider myself lucky that I've been mostly craving really healthy things like egg salad with organic eggs and Greek yogurt or fresh fruit or broccoli with hot sauce or cucumbers with really garlicky hummus. Then again I also have days where I am 99% positive I will die if someone doesn't get this heifer a giant bag of peanut M&Ms and a giant tub of movie theater popcorn....

...making sense of this house once and for all! I am finding it rough to get a whole day to just work on the house (dang you, popularity and busy life) so I made a list (of course I did) of all the projects I want to get done within the next month. I'm planning to take the house one room at a time--decluttering, deep cleaning, and re-organizing--before Babysaurus comes.

...listening to Jenny Lewis, of course. Have you bought The Voyager yet? It's so beautiful and amazing and perfect dance music. I am pretty sure the baby is going to come out of the womb knowing every word and chord because I listen to the album at least once a day. I stumbled upon this video of Jenny performing The Voyager live with just an acoustic guitar. My heart grew three sizes that day.

...reading a giant stack of magazines. I wish I could say I was diving head first into Gone Girl or some other popular book but this ho is tired. Plus when you work in PR/media relations reading magazines counts as work research....right? So when I sit down with a stack of Star Magazine and Real Simple, I'm actually just being really great at my job.

...watching Desperate Housewives whenever I have a chance! I've seen up to season 3ish in the past but decided to re-watch it from the beginning. It's totally one of those shows where you can't just pick up where you left off. I tried to jump back in to season 3 and had no idea what was going on! I missed Wisteria Lane.

...loving my husband...corny, right? He starts a new job on Monday and recently signed up to coach 4-6 year olds in soccer for our local park district. I'm so proud of him and I think he's just the cutest. 
 ...looking forward to checking some big things off our to-do list: getting the house in order, my dad's surgery, and the like. I think I'll feel much more zen in the next few weeks, this week I have mostly felt like a crazy person. 
Have the coolest weekend, you hot babe!
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