Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zoo Brewin' & Veggie Festin'.

Summer weekends are the craziest, am I right? The last month or so I've been waiting for a weekend where we had zero plans so that we could use all those hours to be productive around the house but every weekend has been pretty jam packed in the best sorts of ways. 

This past weekend was one of those packed-to-the-gills-with-fun-things weekends. 

Saturday we hit up Zoo Brew at the Brookfield Zoo with Rhyno's brother and his girlfriend. We'd never been but Rhyno and his brother are total beer nerds and I love animals so it seemed like a natural fit. It's a great event with live music (an insanely good 90's cover band called According to Sarah), tons of beers to sample, and drunk people watching galore. Rhyno and the gang took to the beer tent while I took to a picnic table outside, off my feet and away from the loud thumping music with unlimited lemonade (a perk of being registered as the group DD)! Earlier in the day, I joked with Rhyno about how drunk he was going to be by the night's end.

His famous last words? "Oh, I'm not getting drunk tonight."

After close to an hour at the picnic table, my group caught up to me and my husband was having a blast. You can decide from the photo above whether or not he was feeling the buzz of beer tasting...The night turned out to be a ton of fun for my group of beer tasters and Rhyno is already planning on attending next year. 

I am officially gigantic. Like, for real, gigantic. Was this a pregnant lady's event? Not so much but I still had a bit of fun checking out animals before the Brew and people watching all the crazy drunkards who were dancing around and whooping it up. 2015 Zoo Brew, I'll be coming for you!

On Sunday my mom, Rhyno, and I headed out to Veggie Fest for our second year in a row (you can see all about last year here). I absolutely love Veggie Fest--I get to revel in my vegetarian glory and eat to my heart's content. Though the day was H-O-T we had such a blast and found some great new products.

We couldn't resist an awkward family photo with the smiling pig in the kids' tent--I can't wait to bring Babysaurus here next year! 

Rhyno was a sucker for the vegan Chinese food while my mom and I loved the Carribbean "chicken."

Even though it doesn't look super appetizing, I love me some Indian food. Those spicy chick peas? To die for (figuratively, of course). 

The vegan sushi was the only bit of disappointment of the day, we all agreed it was a bit bland-o. Poor some wasabi on that madness and it'd be delicious.

Have I ever mentioned that even though being a vegetarian can mean being totally misunderstood, I love how open-minded my husband is about it? He is by no means a vegetarian but he's a dude that loves tofu and was happy to try all sorts of animal-free goodies.

After walking in the hot sun (have I mentioned it was hot? it was really hot) for a couple of hours, we ended the Fest with vegan ice cream--cookie dough with Oreos for me and chocolate with candy pieces for my mom. SO GOOD. 

Beer and vegetarian food? We also picked up our crib and dresser for the baby's room, kind of a great weekend!

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