Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Happy (almost) weekend!

This week has been a busy one! I spent most of the week working from the hospital and, as my dad would joke, "holding vigil." His surgery went well and he's in incredible spirits. I can't express how proud of my dad I am and so happy that things are going so well in his recovery. It has been a long 9 months since his initial cancer diagnosis and our family is so grateful and happy to have him nearly back at fighting strength. I can't wait til he's released from the hospital and back at home--things are a changin'!

I hope your weekend is filled with fun--we'll be visiting my dad, hopefully working on the last baby room details, going to a beer tasting/music fest, and I have a baby shower for another mama-to-be.

What are your weekend plans?

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