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Pregnancy Tuesdays: Products I Love.

Welcome to Pregnancy Tuesdays!

 Getting rounder and rounder all the time...

I don't pretend to be some expert on being knocked up--I'm learning as I go that everyone's experience is so different and not every product is perfect for every mama-to-be. I'm now in week 29 and officially in my third trimester which is insane to me! Time has flown by and I have been lucky to have a great pregnancy so far--a bit of morning sickness and some aches and pains but nothing too major. 

Now that baby is getting bigger, I am experiencing a lot more of pregnancy joys and woes. I get lots of booming baby kicks (seeing Rhyno's face light up when he felt his very first baby move for the very first time was a highlight in my life) but I also get lots of restless nights. I get closer every day to meeting my baby and with that comes BIG changes in my body (and my mood...just ask Rhyno about my Godzilla-esque temper tantrum when he left a single dirty fork in the sink). When it comes to taking good care of myself, I love to check out what works for other pregnant ladies and I've also found a few of my own secret weapons in the last few months.

Some of my favorite products this pregnancy?

 (clockwise from top left corner)

From the get-go, I wasn't super worried about getting stretchmarks (I guess my vanity lies elsewhere). I used cocoa butter every night as a part of my usual skin care routine anyway and didn't want to spend a huge chunk of money on expensive belly creams. Near the end of my second trimester when my belly really started to pop I got some deep stretch marks and a few more have popped up since (am I totally turning you on? do you wish you could see this hot, chubby bod naked?). Though the appearance doesn't bother me (it's all part of makin' a baby to me!) they ITCH. A big fan of the Yes To line already, I bought this Coconut Restoring Balm and use it on my belly twice a day after dry brushing. It makes my skin so soft and is super rich and smells so, so delicious. No more itchy belly and I smell like the beach. When my fingers get nice and swollen after a long, hot day and my wedding ring (which is stuck on my ring finger with no hope of coming off) starts to feel uncomfortable, I also swab a bit of this stuff under my ring and it's instant relief.

I've been using TJ's coconut oil for my daily oil pull for a long time but pregnancy has upped my coconut oil game. After reading the benefits of this wonder-oil for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, I started using it for more than just a pull a day. I throw a spoonful into my morning spinach smoothie, use it on my dried out hair, and after getting my first sunburn I slathered it on my red arms and nose for a bit of relief.

IKEA Body Pillow ($12)
No link available but I picked this up in-store
As I get bigger and bigger, sleeping on my side is becoming a quite a task. I wake up at all hours with aching hips or a numb hand. My doctor told me early on that sleeping on my side was best so I had been rigging a series of pillows to surround me (one between my knees, two under my head, one behind me) but things would shift throughout the night and I'd get frustrated trying to get myself re-situated at 4am. After seeing that some of those pregnancy wonder pillows cost upwards of $80 (for a pillow!) I snagged a cheap body pillow at IKEA on a Saturday trip. I am in love. It works like a charm to keep me comfy and supported throughout the night. My only complaint? I have to fight off both Rhyno AND Violet all night since they both try to use it too.

The day I found out I was pregnant I decided to cut out all caffeine cold turkey. I traded my morning coffee for morning tea. A tea fiend already, I drink three cups of this stuff per day.Though I did have some big caffeine cravings in the beginning, this tea helped since it was a warm morning drink and became ingrained into my morning routine pretty easily.

A tip for barfy preggos: when I was still battling morning sickness I would steep the pregnancy tea for a few minutes and when it was still hot I would drop in 1-2 Trader Joe's Ginger Chews and let them melt a bit before chugging. It definitely helped my nausea.

 I am a totally vita-head as is and I took finding a great prenatal pretty seriously. After doing some research, I knew I wanted one that was both organic and made from real food. After a bit of searching I stumbled on this brand and I have not been disappointed. They were approved by my doctor and I have NEVER gotten sick after taking them (even when I would take them and then forgot to eat breakfast for an hour).

Also, to note, when it comes to products like toiletries or vitamins I am a huge fan of Drugstore.com. The prices are great and shipping is quick, like I ordered something on Sunday with free shipping and it was at my house early Tuesday morning quick. I typically buy in bulk since shipping is usually free when your order is $50 or more. 

What are your favorite pregnancy products?

Disclaimer: No one paid me to say this stuff, these are products I really love.

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