Friday, August 29, 2014


It's almost the weekend, can I get a big, fat amen!?

 A few of my 100 Happy Days. 
 (Clockwise from top left: my bump at 31 weeks--only two more months to go!, my Dad on his first day home, tiny gnomes all around our yard, and tons of health food)

....eating, um, constantly. That's all there is to it. Every morning I make a giant smoothie with an entire bag of spinach, almond milk, two bananas, a heap of coconut oil, and a sprinkle of cinnamon as my pre-breakfast. Then I have fruit and yogurt. Then I have a giant lunch. Then I have a giant snack. You get the picture. I'm enjoying it while I can since I know once babe is here, it's back to Jillian Michaels and watching calories.

...making ROOM! We're still working on deep cleaning the house (I have officially learned that doing things while very pregnant takes 5468435135 times longer than usual). We've made room in the kitchen cabinets for baby bottles and there is now space in the linen closet for extra boxes of diapers. This long weekend's big project is our bedroom. We have a bit of re-arranging to do to make room for the pack and play/bassinet and we are in dire need of winterizing our closet (fall-erizing?) to make more room now that we share a closet for the first time in YEARS.

...listening to Car Radio by twenty one pilots. I want to stop. I just can't...and also, I don't want to.

...reading all the baby books I should have read back in my first trimester. 

...watching Desperate Housewives, still. Even Rhyno is watching it. Now that he's on an earlier schedule and I've been feeling pretty tuckered out lately we've been crawling into bed around 8:30pm (party animals) on weeknights to watch an episode or twenty before we go to sleep. We're on season 3 and DANG, I love Wisteria Lane. 

...loving leggings. And stretchy t-shirts. And anything that makes me feel less fat and more comfy. Remember when I used to wear tights and dresses every single day? Yeah, now it's black leggings and a long, stretchy t-shirt (with flip flops because my feet are large and in charge). 
 ...looking forward to this nice, long weekend! I'm totally in the mood for a three-day weekend and I'm hoping to pack it full of fun and productivity.
Have a great weekend!
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