Monday, August 25, 2014

A(nother) New Motto.

I love a good motto, a little something to propel me forward in a positive way. While perusing Instagram (when I probably should have been sleeping or doing something else) I stumbled upon this beaut:

I love the idea of throwing a shit ton of kindness out there (to put it in basic terms, I suppose). I feel like there is so much negativity out there anyway with terrible stories on the news and grumps on social media that it doesn't hurt to smile at strangers, send care packages for no reason, or text people just to ask how they are. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has made me so happy because, despite an overwhelming amount of critics and nonsense complaints, people are doing something silly and ultimately so kind. 

I'm trying to challenge myself to do something kind at least once a day--whether it's leaving a sweet treat like cookies in my mailbox for our neighborhood's postal worker or donating a few cans of food to our local food pantry or just texting a friend to see how they are. No kindness is too big or too small, right?

What kind things will you do today?

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