Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nursery Peeks.

Only 62-ish more days to go until we meet our little bundle! Though there are still tons of things to be done like maternity leave prep at work and freezer meal cooking and general organization, I am happy to say the nursery is one place where I feel like things are really almost totally together. We haven't had our "big" baby shower yet so there are definitely things missing but overall, it's nearly done. 

The crib is up, the dresser is full of cloth diapers and tiny onesies, the glider has been ordered and will be here soon, and we have our old toys sprinkled around the room. Also, how magical is it to dig up toys and stuffed animals you played with as a toddler knowing that your baby is going to play with them too? My mom gave me so many of my old treasures and I get so teary eyed unpacking them all. 

A peek at our nursery details...

 How whimsical and adorable are these little statues? These were two of the first items we bought for our nursery (I think I was about 3 seconds pregnant when we picked them up at Earthbound Trading Company).  They were originally black and gray but knowing I wanted pops of color around the room, I spray painted them with some leftover colors I had in the garage (wearing a mask and in a ventilated area, of course).

I have a few of these dino air-planters around the room in different colors. I absolutely love them. The arrow nightlight was an impulse purchase in the clearance section at Target (it was $4!). 

Rhyno and I both love to read so we've been reading to Babysaurus since he or she was the size of a peapod. I can't wait to hold babe in my lap and read some of these. The bookshelf was another Target purchase, I read some iffy reviews but we have plans for a built-in bookshelf in the coming years so this will do for now.

 Just a treasure from my childhood, that Disney castle. 

Baby's closet is still coming together but how impossibly cute is that laundry hamper and toy box from 3 Sprouts? I stumbled upon the company while searching Amazon for the perfect toy box and I am in LOVE. So many cute items, so little time. 

 A little chair from my childhood and the first thing Rhyno ever bought baby. We went to Babies R Us to register for our stroller and as I went to walk out of the store I realized he was waiting in line at the register with this sweet little stuffed animal in his hands. Heart = melted.

 I love this mobile. It was my pet project on Sunday night and even though it took 5 minutes and three steps to put together, I was so proud of myself.

 A tiny bucket for rattles, a teeny bucket for pacifiers, and some unbelievably adorable softies from Aleks Slocum. A surprise delivery from baby's Auntie Mantha and cousins Charlie and Jackie!

More trinkets from my own toddler days (I was really into Disney World).

Just over two more months, I can't wait!

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