Monday, August 11, 2014

Get Ready for a Ton of Words.

You know, because it says Hello....

Oh, hello there! I'm about to talk your ear your eyes off...?

It's funny to me that my last post was about being present and then I disappeared for two months. Life is kind of hectic, huh? As more and more things were heaped onto my little plate of life, I kept thinking about this blog and how much I missed it. I missed updating it and connecting (or even re-connecting in some cases) with friends and other bloggers. Life has been crazy busy which makes me feel like there aren't enough hours in the day (or enough energy in this knocked up goofball) to blog, but also like I need an outlet but we'll come back to that.

So, I'm back. I'm here. I missed this place. To catch up...

Have a mentioned that life is nutty and busy and stressful and wonderful all at the same time? Work has been crazy in a good way with lots of press tours and product launches and new accounts and client events. I'm so glad, especially after last year's unknown future and bumpy career changes and general job uncertainty, to have a stable job that allows me to work at home and stay busy. It's also insane to me that I go on maternity leave in just about eleven weeks. I caught myself thinking the other day, "I'm going on maternity leave, that is SO grown up!" I guess being someone's parent is pretty grown up.

Speaking of that...things sure are changing in the Guffey household! We may or may not be super over-the-moon excited about our Babysaurus (get here faster, October) and we're making room and getting ready for our bundle. The nursery is coming along kind of perfectly and we've signed up for all sorts of crazy classes at the hospital (tours and breastfeeding seminars and the like). I'm making thousands of lists of things that I need to prep for my maternity leave and things we need to pack in the hospital bag and freezer meals/homemade cleaning supplies I need to make at the beginning of October to get us through the first month or so. Officially 29 weeks along, I am feeling lots of tiny kicks and turns and wiggles every day and with each one I get more and more excited to see the little person behind all the movement (and finally find out if Babysaurus is a boy or girl!). 

I am happier than happy to also report that about a week ago my dad was given a No Sign of Disease reading after battling (and I mean battling) colon cancer since November 2013. Though told only to close friends and family until about two weeks ago, this was a major event in my life and an experience I hope no one else has to go through. He has been such a warrior through the entire process and I am so elated to say he's done with chemo and radiation. He has one more surgery and then we're shutting the door on cancer forever (I hope).

So what's coming up next in this crazy life o' mine? Baby, of course. Rhyno was also offered a new job which we are both super excited about since there are possibilities for advancement. So there will be a bit of a scheduling adjustment since his hours and commute will be a lot different. In the next few weeks our house will undergo a bit of a deep cleaning/purge (I feel like I'm always saying that) so we can set up our baby furniture and make little diaper and feeding stations around the house. 

But let's get back to the blog and what's happening in this space. After thinking it over for months, I want to make blogging a priority again (even when life is really crazy). As time passes this summer I've found myself wishing I had documented it more thoroughly (I do document my 100 Happy Days), especially my pregnancy. I had plans of writing more letters to the babe and taking weekly bump photos but I didn't make time for it.I've decided to make this space a bit more organized and user-friendly (please be patient with me as I do that since I'm not at all techie...I've owned the rights to for two years and just don't know how to make the switch). I want to engage with readers and make this more than a ghost town.

I'm hoping with a bit more attention this space will become one of connection and a big, fat document of my life. Thanks for staying tuned.

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