Friday, November 15, 2013


On loop.
I am currently...
....eating eggless tofu salad. SO GOOD! I've also been learning to juice like a champ (post on that forthcoming). I'm feeling amazing. Thanks, Kris Carr!
...making lists upon lists of things that need to be done for the holiday season! Gifts to be bought or made, Friends-giving to be planned, cookies to bake for a Cookie Exchange tomorrow.
...on my To Do list a slumber party with my nephew Charlie tomorrow! I am so excited to make pancakes and watch Fraggle Rock.
...listening to Panic at the Disco!'s Miss Jackson. I want to stop, I just can't. Last weekend my best friend turned to me very seriously and said, "I have to ask you a's kind of personal. Are you as obsessed with Miss Jackson as I am?" Yes, yes, yes. I am indeed.
...reading Crazy Sexy Diet. Still. On loop. Just over and over. I keep going back to pieces of the book to re-read. I've also been catching up on so many blogs I love that I've been neglecting lately. Any good suggestions? My favorite thing is finding a new blog and going through the archives and feeling oh, so inspired.
...watching every Wes Anderson movie on loop forever. I had a marathon last week and since then I've been watching one hit after another.
...loving this fall weather and the leaves that cover our yard. It's almost time to get rid of the pumpkins on our porch (uncarved) but I just can't let go yet.
...hoping for work!
 Have such a great weekend!
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