Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Water Works.

Let me paint you a picture. It's a Wednesday morning, you have the flu so you are cuddled up working from home under a blanket on the couch. You decide to move your temporary home office to the basement so you can watch some TV clips on Hulu while you media pitch.
You grab your laptop, mug of tea, and tell the crazy pup to follow you downstairs. Then it happens. You are walking down the stairs and you put your foot in something wet and freezing. Your first thought is that the dog had an accident (hey, pee happens) and upon further inspection you realize it's water. Water all over the basement. Under the washer and dryer, under the kitchenette stove and fridge, covering the baseboards. There's two inches of (luckily!) clean water from a leaking toilet all over the bottom level of the house.
The one photo I took because I needed my husband to know that the basement is flooded and I just realized our towels don't match.
This is a true story. This happened a few hours ago. Know what's a great cure for the flu? Wading around in cold water. Thank my lucky stars that two of our best friends live one house away and were willing to let me sneak into their garage to grab their ShopVac. I spent a good two hours drying the place out and I can still hear all the box fans whirring as we try to dry out the walls.
It's easy to let things like this weigh on you--I could feel myself beginning to let this ruin my day. I caught myself saying aloud, "Oh, this is a nightmare" as I followed the water and realized how much of the floor was drenched. But I stopped. Maybe it's the Secret or maybe it's the cold meds, but I realized this shouldn't weigh me down. This story might be funny in a few days, things could've been MUCH worse, and I was lucky to have people willing to loan me exactly what I needed.
It's all about perspective, I suppose. You could say, "I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up freezing water in the basement!" or you could say, "Hey! I finally got the indoor swimming pool I always wanted!"

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