Friday, November 1, 2013

Clear the Clutter.

By now you know I'm always yammering on about being happy and Secret-ing the shit out of life and being nice. You could definitely say that I am always on the quest to be better than I was before and all that. After a few weeks of being grouchier than usual and a slump brought on probably by not getting out enough and junk food and not sleeping well at night, I am clearing the clutter...again.
Clutter, that's right. Home, body, mind, life. Clear that ish out before the snow falls.
I've been planning this for a while but now I'm trying to make a big push before winter sets in. I am getting rid of things we don't need/use/want anymore, getting rid of the junky things in our cabinets, trying to cut down on toxic chemicals and habits and people. I'm starting in the easy places like deep cleaning the house, finally cleaning out the clutter in the garage, and unfollowing all those people who do nothing but whine on social media. I do a big purge at least once or twice a year and I always have that feeling of wholeness afterward. I am trying to clear the clutter of my body with staying on track with my clean eating (while cutting WAY back on alcohol, processed snacks, and takeout). I have been researching meditation to keep my mind at peace since I can be easily stressed out.
I feel like it's so easy for me to clear the clutter (I just did that this summer!) and then have it build right back up again so I'm pulling more focus to this little exercise this time around. I'm clearing the junk and trying not to pull more junk into my life to replace it. Good grief!
How do you clear the clutter in life?

P.S. Rabbit, rabbit! Happy November!

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