Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Most Thankful Thursday.

It's the most thankful Thursday of them all...Happy Thanksgiving!
...beautiful lipsticks and shiny lip gloss.
...watching really great movies and falling deeply in love with the characters and the storyline.
...fruit. All the fruit. family. I think I say it every week but my family is the best, honestly. Crazy, wild, lovely, beautiful wonderful.
...old books that smell like memories.
...good wine, great beer, and water on the nightstand after a night of drinking.
...holistic healing and the option to allow the earth the heal your hurt.
...comfy slippers and beautiful heels.
...Christmas lights and balsalm scented candles.
...really good hand lotion.
...vintage glassware.
...Violet snuggles. Kira purrs. Joodle nose rubs.
...that moment in Spring where all the roses and lilies in our yard start popping up and looking beautiful.
...long walks around my neighborhood with great music playing.
...You. Yes, you. Each and every one of you. Thank you for visiting, for reading, for emailing, for all of it. Thank you.
Have a great Thanksgiving, loverpants!

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