Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tofurkey Day!

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Know how so many people say "Turkey Day?" Yeah, I don't get that part of it but I do love me some food. My grandma is my favorite cook and my mom is my favorite baker so any food-centric family holiday is my stomach's favorite thing in the world.
I typically bake a cool cupcake or twelve for holidays, but this year I decided on a side dish. I tossed around the idea of doing some sort of roasted veggie or something with Brussels sprouts but ultimately decided to play on my BFF, the potato.
I found this Taste of Home recipe for Crispy Potato Puffs and thought they might make for an interesting spin on my starchy favorite.
Prep time was simple but a bit time consuming. I added more cheese than the recipe called for (of course I did) and skipped the sesame seeds (I couldn't find them at the store and I really had to pee so I didn't bother asking anyone). These are much mushier than I expected but such great comfort food.
Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

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