Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays.

Thankful Thursdays forever and ever, amen.
I am thankful for...
...the oncoming Christmas season! I love every little bit. Give me all the candy canes and garland and carols and holiday movies and ornaments. I love it all. I could live in Christmas Town forever and never get sick of it.
...nieces and nephews who make me laugh and teach me how to love unconditionally every single day. cold lemonade and piping hot coffee.
...dogs and cats. Especially Violet and Kira and Joodle. And the lovely memories of my Tasha baby. wonderful family (again) that texts me when a tornado is coming toward my house alerting me to go into the basement. I got at least a dozen texts over the weekend from aunts, grandma, parents, and cousins asking me to stay so safe and saying they loved me.
...Super Mario Brothers. Dude, I'm awesome at that game.
...tulle skirts and black tights.
...texts with my brother about shows I've told him to watch that he winds up LOVING--namely Parks & Rec.
...nice people and helping hands. Always.
...old episodes of my favorite shows. When Charlie slept over I told him his mom and I used to watch Care Bears when we were little kids. Watching it with him was like reliving a perfect memory. (Other faves include Fraggle Rock and Muppet Babies). tea. So much green tea. All day green tea.
...staying up so late and sleeping in so late.
...swimming pools, big lakes, the ocean. Swimming can cure anything.
...inspirational happenings. The latest one is BatKid. I am so in love. I cried at every news story.
...Mister Rogers. "On behalf of millions of children and millions of grown ups, it is you that I like."  When I was a kid, probably like you, I watched Mr. Rogers everyday. He taught me to be a strong, funny, nice, kind, sweet human (I hope so, at least) and as an adult I really admire how positive his impact on the world was and still is. As a kid I learned he wanted to teach kids to be sweet and kind. As an adult I learned his mother knit all his cardigans and he won a lot of awards for his work with children--and with each one he taught a lesson. I often watch his Emmy Lifetime Achievement Acceptance Speech. I tear up every single dang time he asks the audience to take ten seconds. Please watch it if you've never seen it.
What are you most thankful for?

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